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Did you know you can protect your home from break-ins using a $3 item from Walmart? Alarms and video surveillance are also good, they're also expensive.  This workshop will teach you practical methods to better protect your home.  Included is a list of best practices and inexpensive tips for alarm and video systems along with guidelines to better protect your family from harm.

Do you know the things not to do when planning a vacation?  Does your home have a window or door that is easily defeated?  You will be surprised to discover how easy it is for anyone to get in!  How can you protect your valuables from a robbery at home, on your person, or in a hotel room?  What if your family become victims of a home invasion?  Would your children, especially teenagers, understand how to react without endangering themselves and others?  In this course, you will gain the information and understanding to deal with these and many more situations.

You will see how easy it is to open a door by picking a lock because you will get a chance to do so. You will actually install a hi-tech wifi alarm system by yourself and test it.  You will get to play the intruder and probe the defenses that your classmates implement.  Families learn life-saving tactics and have fun critiquing one another's strategies ... or lack thereof.

Private sessions available for ...

                                          -  Families
                                                      -  Group Outings
                                                                          -  Corporate Team Building