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This workshop could save your life!  It is an opportunity to get out and see how well suited you are for dealing with dire situations.  You may need to bug-out during a civil collapse after a megastorm --remember Superstorm Sandy? Katrina? The Japanese earthquake, tsunami and Fukushiona disaster? Survival could be the new norm.  You could find yourself in the midst of a mob like the Arab Spring or Baltimore riots and need to get your family to safety. Perhaps we will give you a Special Ops assignment to locate a double-agent, thwart his actions and return safely. Individuals looking to learn life-saving skills should sign-up immediately for this elite agent spy workshop!

During Phase I of this workshop you'll receive special training and the opportunity to practice your new skills.  In Phase II you will be given an agenda to follow, locations to visit, and contacts to make, all while avoiding being identified, tracked and ensnared by those trying to counter your efforts.  Our special Q Branch may supply necessary gadgets to help you get the job done.

This is a scavenger hunt, treasure search, geocache quest, and intelligence strategy role-play drama all rolled into one exciting adventure.  Will you choose to accept a mission?  The tactics you learn could save your life!

People tell little lies everyday but willful deception, stealing and embezzlement is a severe offense that causes great hardship and loss to others.  When someone denies having committed a significant offense, wouldn't it be nice to know immediately whether they're being truthful or not?  How valuable would it be to sense when a job candidate is dishonest about his/her work experience or an employee has illegally taken merchandise?  Not only is this possible, you will learn to do it.

Anyone whom remembers the television show To Tell The Truth will instantly know the humor in lying to a panel and/or being assigned to determine who is truthful.  It's great fun, and the laughter and faux pas that occur will make it unforgettable!  You will likely want to duplicate the experience at home with family and friends!

Private sessions available for ...

                                          -  Families
                                                      -  Group Outings
                                                                          -  Corporate Team Building