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Life is already not fair and then someone will try to cripple you further.  Often people are the target of those who wish them harm, sometimes it's physical harm, sometimes it's financial.  You need to know when someone has set their sights on you and/or your assets. This could be a rival business owner, an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, wife or husband, or perhaps a detective someone hired to learn more about you.  Don't let anyone gain the upper-hand!

Covert Academy will teach you how to sense when you're being followed or a con-artist is working to see you duped into financial ruin.  Is there a GPS tracker on your vehicle?  Are your phone calls being monitored?  What about your computer, is it infected with typical spyware or an actual surveillance application?  We will show you how to uncover these and other methods used to invade your privacy.

The best defense is a good offense.  This is why we also teach you practical methods for utilizing your own surveillance measures.  Learn how to monitor activities of others and anticipate their movements.  Being prepared is never a bad thing but not being ready is always a mistake!

Private sessions available for ...

                                          -  Families
                                                      -  Group Outings
                                                                          -  Corporate Team Building