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This is more than a workshop, it's a fabulous technology lab.  You get to practice and become familiar with hi-tech, and some low-tech, spy gadgets that are easily obtainable for your own security, entertainment ... or special ops missions.  Here are some of the things you'll have a chance to become familiar with.

  -  a micro-DVR, totally unrecognizable, record a covert session and play-back on a computer

  -  practice using a tactical pen for self-defense, could get messy!

  -  spy glasses, a wearable camera, night vision, and a super-hearing audio device

  -  escape from handcuffs using specially designed secret gadgets

  -  use counter surveillance equipment to locate audio recording bugs and hidden cameras

  -  diversion safe --hide things in plain sight

  -  GPS tracking devices

  -  computer surveillance software

Work with these and more.  Perhaps you'll want to add some to your own collection of spy gear.


Private sessions available for ...

                                          -  Families
                                                      -  Group Outings
                                                                          -  Corporate Team Building