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When disaster strikes, you get through it, hopefully.  With this workshop you'll learn how to be prepared and manage well, certainly much better than others.  Some people have a Prepper mentality --ready for the apocalypse with an underground bunker --but what about the rest of us?  Sure you can stock canned goods, plenty of water, M&Ms to use for currency --you think I'm joking?!  How do you communicate with relatives without a phone network or shortwave radio?  Your town could be flooded, home consumed by a wildfire, or the next Super Storm strikes your area.  Never mind a total collapse of society due to an economic meltdown from a national cyber attack!

When this happens, you probably won't be home praticing how to start a fire with your hair brush and a Pringles can.  No, you may be at work, miles from your home, spouse and kids all someplace else too.  You'll need to know what to do, and they do also.  This workshop will cover that and much more.  Sure you can be ready with a generator and well versed at tieing knots but do you know what your local and federal governments have in store for you?  Not knowing could be the difference in surviving.

If being without power for just three days will be a severe hardship --remember your drug store will not be able to refill prescritions --you need to get into this workshop!

Private sessions available for ...

                                          -  Families
                                                      -  Group Outings
                                                                          -  Corporate Team Building