Identity Theft  -  Home Invasion  -  Kidnapping

Robbery  -  Corporate Fraud & Espionage

Physical Attack  -  Con Artists  -  Riots & Disasters

The first step in being prepared for adversity is to recognize its potential for reaching you.  The next step is to do something about it.  Did you know there is a single $3 item you can purchase to protect your home from a break-in?

Covert Academy teaches you how to prepare and avoid being victimized.  Furthermore, if you ever find yourself in a life and death situation, you will have been given training on how to deal with the threat.  The following list is just some of the many situations you will learn to counter.

  -  Travel to foreign countries knowing you have the tools and skills to thwart danger

  -  Recognize when you are being targeted for theft or kidnapping

  -  Finding yourself in the wrong neighborhood, understand what to do and what not to do

  -  Sleep better knowing your son or daughter away at school is prepared for an attack

  -  Get the upper-hand on that hot-head driver deciding to tail you

  -  Be able to identify when someone is intentionally misleading you with a lie

  -  Stop an identity thief before they obtain your information

  -  Confuse and frustrate someone trying to track your movements

Learn to handle these and many more situations in a Covert Academy workshop.  It could be the smartest and most fun thing you ever do!