Unforgettable Edutainment Experiences

Covert Academy teaches life-saving self-protection and critical intelligence techniques using dynamic exercises to help you develop real-life practical skills.  In a time when the need to be consistently aware of potential harm to yourself, loved ones and your finances, you can no longer afford to do nothing about it.  Become a warrior in this age of violence and cyber crime, ... you can immerse yourself in the action of fighting back and have a great time doing it!

This is not a reality show, not an over-the-top movie and it's not a video game.  We offer a collection of real true-to-life operations where you get to be the agent.  Your mission may be to save yourself and your family, it may be to protect your finances from on-line cyber criminals, or you may learn to track and evade suspicious characters out to harm or defraud you.  It's as exciting and dramatic as you wish it to be, and the skills you learn are real.

Did you ever imagine you were James Bond or Lara Croft?  Have you ever wanted to go on a Black Ops mission?  Can you be John Maclane in a high-rise full of terrorists?  Are you Batman?!  You don't need to be a superhero to do these things, you only need a can-do attitude, Covert Academy will teach you the rest.  The abilities and confidence you gain will make you a surprisingly effective force against the evil in our world.

No need to be lean and mean, your body type doesn't matter.  No prior experience with self-defense or combat tactics is required.  All that's necessary is the will to do something. Call us now.  All sessions have limited seating to insure personal attention. 

Current Workshops

Workshops and scheduled sessions change periodically, check back with us often:

  • Survive, Escape & Evade
  • Essential Self-defense
  • Home Security & Family Defense
  • Cyber-Security Identity Theft Protection
  • Spy-Trade Secret Gadgets and Become a Human Lie Detector
  • Advanced Surveillance & Detection
  • Agent Field Exercises
  • Survive a Terrorist Attack
  • SHTF Full Preparedness